Juin Juillet    

Fiction | 2017 | France | 18:00           

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Prod: Laura Chebar
Dir: Emma Séméria
DOP: Victor Dupuis
Script: Emma Séméria
Cast: Bérangère Mcneese, Nicolas Descombes, Alice Rouet, Mickael Pillisio
Contact: semeriaemma@gmail.com   

Two months in a psychiatric hospital with Eva.

(NORDIC <18)

Inte vuxen
Precocious in the back seat

Fiction | 2017 | Sweden | 4:45     


Prod: Nilas Lindgren, Trausti Birgisson
Dir: Gry Lindgren
DOP: Helge Olsén
Script: Gry Lindgren
Cast: Irma Nilsson-Tibbling, Elias Nilsson
Contact: gry.lindgren@gmail.com

A car is speeding along a countryside road on a gray day in October. In the back sits Elsa. She's precocious and tries to take responsibility both for the tense social environment and the stressful driving. The car crashes and Elsa is once again forced to take responsibility of the situation, but stressing her mother by telling her what happened is simply too hard.

(NORDIC 19-21)


Fiction | 2017 | Denmark | 20:00     

Prod: Clara Tufte
Dir: Lucas Helth
DOP: Kim Bech
Script: Adrian Ejsing & Lucas Helth
Music: Daniel Bøgh Nielsen
Cast: Caroline Vedel, Victor Skov Dahl Christiansen, Miriam Yeager
Contact: lucaspostma@hotmail.com

“OverLove” tells the story of the 17-year-old Olivia’s struggle with anxiety and OCD. Olivia is in high school, and she appears to be living a seemingly “normal” life, where her free time is split evenly between family and friends. Nevertheless, she fights a daily battle with the underlying anxiety and the overwhelming OCD, which is dominated by the thoughts of hurting her younger brother, Noa.

“OverLove” is a film about mental illness, the struggle of living with anxiety and OCD, and the surrounding world’s attempt to understand a complicated psychological illness. It is the portrayal of a young girl’s struggle between seeking comfort from her mother while maintaining her independence.

(NORDIC 22-26)


Animation | 2017 | Denmark | 4:00


Prod: Jonathan Langelund
Dir: Katrine Glenhammer
DOP: Katrine Glenhammer
Script: Katrine Glenhammer
Music: Andreas Askhøj
Contact: katrine.glenhammer@live.dk

A girl and a boy is about to watch an old romantic movie in an old cinema. As the film plays, the two cinephiles gets interested in each other, and turns the cinema into a popcorn battle ground. But suddenly they stand close together, ready to kiss.

(NORDIC 19-21)

Svævende soldater
Soaring SOLDIERS  

Fiction | 2017 | Denmark | 11:24            


Prod: Claus Wrang Riis Michaelsen
Dir: Cecilie Elmholt Skou
DOP: Tor Nygaard Jensen
Script: Cecilie Elmholt Skou
Cast: Linus Boesgaard, Mikkel Gravesen, Mie Jørgensen, Søren Lambert Mühldorf, Nessie M. B. Beik
Contact: ida@station-next.dk

Albert lives in his own little universe; a universe where turtles can fly in parachutes and all of the world’s diseases can be cured. Albert and his best friend Theodor often plays on the rooftop of Albert’s apartment, it is the only place where time stands still and where everything is possible. For many years, Albert’s mother has suffered from an incurable cancer, but Albert has a hard time understanding how bad the disease really is. He believes that he can cure his mother trough the games he plays with Theodor.