Spain | 2018 | drama | 11:00 

Dir: Gerard Vidal-Cortés 
Prod: Javier De la Llave 
DoP: Pepe Gay De Liébana 
Script: Gerard Vidal Cortés 
Cast: Said Chatiby, Larbi Ajbar

Every year, thousands of African immigrants attempt to desperately reach Spain by embarking on a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea. Tariq is a young Moroccan working for one of the mobs that illegally organize such journeys. His job is to transport passengers on a dinghy across the Strait of Gibraltar, avoiding getting caught. But every trip might be the last one. 


(Nordic 19-21)


Norway | 2018 | drama | 06.14

IDA EXTENDED EDITION WIP (1080p).00_01_07_19.Still001_1.jpg

Prod: Mats Lien 
Dir: Mirjam Sveinbjörg Thorkelsdottir (20) 
DoP: Håkon Instefjord 
Script: Mirjam Sveinbjörg Thorkelsdottir 
Music: Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona - Invisible & Supapao - Can't Fall In Love 
Cast: Dagny Backer Johnsen, Anette Sissener Amundsen og Sofie Asplin

Ida carries a pride that makes it difficult for her to feel inadequate. She feels lonely and this eats her up.


Ethir Varambukal 
Dissenting Ridges 

India | 2018 | fiction | 11:34 

Prod: Ruchika Gupta for Satyajit ray film and television institute 
Dir: Achuthankutty Achuthan 
DoP: Aakash Sethi 
Script: Achuthankutty 
Music: Sourabh & Narayanan 

The protagonists are travelling to the fast track court for attending their village’s case. Leader doubts the governance which looted their natural resources, where youngsters will not go with it, they negate the idea of rebel without a cause. Polarised ridges vibrate, while the journey continues for justice. 

Director’s filmography: 
Student Debut 

Director’s background: 
Achuthankutty is born at thrissur, kerala, India, holds a graduation in designing and direction for theatre, pursuing post graduation in cinema with direction and screenplay writing as specialisation. 

(Nordic 19-21)

Whispers of Lofoten

Norway 2018 documentary 08.16  

Whispers of Lofoten (1080p).00_05_30_22.Still001_1.jpg

Prod: Marie-Lou Vezon 
Dir: Richard Viken Klausmark (21) 
DoP: Leo Lávík 
Script: Leo Lávík, Marie-Lou Vezon, Richard Viken Klausmark 
Cast: Grethe Winther-Svendsen, Rune Francisco Fauske, Cathinka Maehlum, Silje Lindrup, Laurens Perol 

The film is an exploration of the connection between the islands of Lofoten and the four artists who practice four different arts. The documentary comes to question the art. Is art a piece of nature? Is nature a piece of art? Is art a reflection of nature or a reflection of oneself? How much a place can influence an artist? 

Director’s Filmography: 
Polarstjerna, Toppløse, Divided, Success, The Bookstore, and more on Vimeo.com/richardvikenklausmark 

Director’s Background:  
3 year on media and Communication High School, Nordmøre folkehøgskole, Nuff2016, Nuff2018, Young Nordic Filmmakers 2016, Lofoten Docs 2018 



Austria 2019 Animation 2:28


Prod: Anna Haderer 
Dir: Anna Haderer 
DoP: Anna Haderer 
Script: Anna Haderer 
Music: Manuel Brandtner

In a world where everyone wears a mask, the person who does not and is still himself, is an outsider. To belong to the others the main character decides to wear the mask as well. As he puts it on, his heart stops and he begin to turn as grey as the rest of the humans. He is now a part of the grey mass of people. As he realizes this and tries to pull the mask off, it gets stuck to his face and he is unable to remove it. The main character realizes that he has lost his individuality and humanity once and for all. 
The masks in this short film are a Symbol for the loss of your own identity and individuality. They conceal the true identity and eventually make you something entirely different than your true self. The movie displaces a critic towards our society where it has become so important to belong and to match an ideal that has been constructed by society. Due to that we lose sight of who we really are and do not stand up against everything that is going wrong in our modern society. Because fitting in is much easier than showing others your true self and criticizing norms. 

Director’s filmography: 
Nothing other than a few small school film projects. 

Director’s background: 
Anna Haderer was born in Austria and is currently attending the Secondary College for Art and Design in Linz. She was part of the Youth Jury at the Crossing Europe Film Festival in Linz in 2018 and will be part of the Young Programmers at the same festival in April 2019. She speaks German and English fluently but can also speak a little bit Italian. Her skills are working with Adobe programs and making music on her own with her guitar, piano and ukulele.

(Nordic 19-21)


Sweden | 2018 | Experimental | 12:26


Dir: Lily Malm
DoP: Erik Malm, Josefine Molén
Script: Lily Malm
Cast: Lovisa Henningson, Mira Jägemar, Lily Malm

About homophobia through its history from multiple perspectives.

(Nordic 22-26)

Up Close

Sweden | 2019 | Drama | 10.25


Prod: Anneli Ström-Villaseca
Dir: Simon Elvås (26)
DoP: Rasmus Eriksson
Script: Simon Elvås
Music: Epidemic Sound AB
Cast: Ali Jalal, Gustav Börjesson, Aleksandra Gazibaric

Two men in a martial arts hall. The rules are simple, they are supposed to take each other down with physical contact, gain power over the other’s body and choke the other’s oxygen until he gives up. However, the fight soon changes into something else. The physical closeness opens up to a fight about trust, about being brave enough to open up, and to show how one really feels. Up Close is a film about men and the lack of physical closeness. Martial arts can be a free zone where physical contact between men is accepted and the film explores what can happen in such a place, where men find a closeness to each other and trust is created.

Director’s Filmography:
Stand Strong - 2015
Love in a minute – 2014
Desire me - 2013

Director’s background:
Simon Elvås is a filmmaker from Sweden, working with themes about masculinity and shame. Simon is now studying his first year of a bachelor program in directing at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art.