Switzerland | 2018 | fiction | 19:00

Prod: Yasmine Abd El Aziz
Dir: Zoel Aeschbacher
DoP: Dino Franco Bergula
Script: Zoel Aeschbacher
Music: Saint Preux

When the elevator of their public housing breaks down, the fates of Felix, a disabled pensioner, Ana, a single mother struggling with her move and Seydou, a young man passionate about dance intertwine towards an explosive ending where their limits will be tested.

(Nordic 22-26)


Denmark | 2019 | experimental | 03.42

Monachopsis (The Animation Workshop, 2019).00_00_19_02.Still001_1.jpg

Prod: Michelle Ann Nardone (The Animation Workshop)
Dir: Kim Aleksander Strandli (26)
DoP: Kim Aleksander Strandli
Script: Kim Aleksander Strandli
Music: Rasmus Meyer

An experimental short film narrating a monotonous life out of place, through mood and space, where every day feels like yesterday, again and again.

Director’s background:

Kim Strandli (06 th of August, 1992) is a CG Artist and director from Froland, Norway.He recently graduated from The Animation Workshop, with the main focus on being a CG Generalist with a strong technical background, interested in both realistic and stylized artwork. Monachopsis is his first dive into directing a story-driven film, but hopes to develop and direct more films and projects in the future.

(Nordic 19-21)


Norway | 2018 | drama | 14.36


Prod: Synne Seltveit
Dir: Ingrid Marie Røine (21)
DoP: Anton Österlund
Script: Ingrid Marie Røine
Music: Runar Blesvik
Cast: Kristi-Helene Engeberg og Maiken Schjøll Frisch

How does it affect a couple when one of them gets an incurable and challenging disease?

Director’s Filmography:
"Når ingen lenger drømmer" - 2017
"Blå" - 2018"
HOLD (deg unna) MEG" - 2018

Director’s Background:
Ingrid Marie started working towards the film industry when she was 16, and from then on she's worked on a wide range of shortfilms, commercials and feature films. In 2016 she started her bachelor's degree in film directing at The Norwegian Acting Institute (NSKI Høyskole), and is finishing this spring (2019). She started at NSKI because of their focus on storytelling and directing actors, which is a central focus in her work - to connect and create true performances with the actors.


Speak To Her

Ireland | 2018 | fiction | 4:13

Speak To Her - Still002.jpg

Prod: Philip Emo
Dir: Jack Desmond
DoP: Sean Doupe
Script: Philip Emo
Music: Cinema (electronic artist)

Obafemi is an Eritrean bouncer in a Dublin club. He tries to work up the courage to speak to Natka, a bathroom attendant, learning Polish to overcome the language barrier between them.

Directors filmography:
Various films as a youth filmmaker, including "Cents".

Director’s background:
Jack is a filmmaker from Cork, Ireland. He grew up making films with his brother Cian (as the Desmond Bros). He's in his final year at the National Film School, Dublin.

(Nordic <18)


Denmark | 2018 | Drama | 09.00

Prod: Anastacia Zofia Kolle Jørgensen
Dir: Mehmet Ali Avci (18)
DoP: Laura Hadsund Baarstrøm
Script: Mehmet Ali Avci
Music: All rights cleared
Cast: Sebastian Fenger, Camille Petersen, Fatih Sahil, Nessie Beik, Kristian Kofod

In the absence of his parents Dennis has a hard time taking care of his beloved litlle sister, Ida. Therefore he has joined a gang, whose leader lure him into comitting crimes. Dennis only goes through this for Ida’s sake, but when the gang leader one day convinces him to rob a house in a wealthy neighbourhood, Dennis discovers his limits. 

Director’s background:
Born and raised in the suburbs of a small town in Denmark. Since he was a small kid watching movies with his Turkish family in Turkey on their old VHS recorder, he was very fond of movies. Movies was Mehmet's way of escaping the normal and boring life and getting into a world that was more exciting and fascinating. That’s why he wants to be part of the film industry and convey and develop the art he has always loved most. Mehmet's biggest dream is to become a great and recognized film director despite his background where his mother was a kindergarten teacher and his father was unemployed. He works as hard as he can to fulfill that dream.