Primeros Besos
First Kisses

Argentina | 2017 | comedy | 8:00


Dir: Tomás Longato Arnedo & Susana González Martínez
Prod: Àlex Hermoso Rivas & Michelle González
DoP: Paula Casadesús
Script: Joan García, David González, Susana González, Àlex Hermoso, Tomás Longato, Adrià Mateos     

During the summer, Rodri (a thirteen year old boy) tries to give his first kiss to the girl he likes with the advice of his best friend and his friend's mother.

(Nordic 22-26)


Norway | 2018 | comedy | 16:34

Prod: Sindre Brække and Håkon Anton Olavsen
Dir: Håkon Anton Olavsen (25)
DoP: Even Grimsgaard
Script: Håkon Anton Olavsen
Music: Andreas Augdahl
Cast: Axel Bøyum, Maria Larsen Sæther and Ole Victor Corral

Rikke and Benjamin have moved in together and are having a party to celebrate the occasion. But the party is pretty miserable and all the guests leave early... except for one. His name is Jonas, and he is hopelessly in love with Rikke.

2018, Scene no. 6883 from my life (short documentary)
2018, Satellitter/Satellites (short film)
2014, De uinviterte/Uninvited (short film)
2014, Mellom himmel og hav/Between Sky and Sea (short film)
2014, Den store filmen/The Great Movie (short documentary)
2012, Inn i varmen/It’s warmer inside (short film)

Director’s background:
Håkon Anton Olavsen (f. 1993) er regissør og manusforfatter med utdannelse fra Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole, Universitetet i Oslo og Norsk Skuespillerinstitutt (NSKI). Han bor i Oslo og jobber med regi og innspillingsledelse. // Håkon Anton Olavsen (b. 1993) is a Norwegian director and screenwriter educated at Nordland College of Art and Film, University of Oslo and The Norwegian Institute of Acting. He lives in Oslo where he works as a director and 1st AD.



Malta | 2019 | fiction | 7:16

Notes - Still003.jpg

Prod: Jeremy Vella
Dir: Jeremy Vella
DoP: Ylenia Kay
Script: Jeremy Vella
Music: Ben Bailey
Cast: Narcy Calamatta and Pearl Agius

A blind man and a mute girl are in a room. How will they communicate?

Directors filmography:
Amoeba (2018)
To Ellie (2018)
Notes (2019)
BOV Contactless Cards Commercial (2017)
Innu Malti TVM Promo (2018)
Erba' Pjazez - Valletta 2018 Opening (2017)

Director’s background:
Jeremy Vella is a 21 year old director and writer. In 2017, he was 3rd Assistant Director on the Maltese Feature Film; ''Habbilni Ha Nirbah'' (Directed by Mario Philip Azzopardi and Produced by Michael Kissaun). Since then he has been self funding his own written short films, first of which was a short comedy called Amoeba in 2018. Also in 2018, Jeremy took part in the NUFF workshop and worked with a group of young film makers to create a short entitled ''To Ellie''. In the meantime, he has been undergoing a Masters in Film Studies course at the University of Malta. He has also aided in the making of several Commercials, shorts, promos and music videos, produced in Malta. At the start of 2019, he wrote and directed a short starring veteran Maltese actor; Narcy Calamatta called ''Notes''.


Lights Out

Brazil | 2019 | Animation | 2:00

Lights Out-Still001.jpg

Dir/Prod: Bernardo Oliveira Mesquita

The caracter, a small child, faces his fear against the darkness, trying to reach and win. In his room, with acttered toys, he is frightened by strange noises, his imagination creates monsters that do not exist, but wins with audacity

(Nordic <18)


Denmark | 2018 | drama | 14:33

Prod: Liva Bech Holskov
Dir: Vigga Wagner (17)
DoP: Mikkel Warrer
Script: Vigga Wagner
Music: All rights cleared
Cast: Olivia Fesch, Oskar Lauge Dahlberg

A girl lives a solitary life in her own magnificent underwater world inside her apartment. But when one morning she wakes up to find that her beloved goldfish is dead, she is forced out of her own safe reality and into an amazing fishmonger’s shop, where she meets a boy who helps her pick a new goldfish. The girl soon finds herself unable to stay away from the wonderful fishmonger’s shop and the fascinating boy, and she discovers that the world outside her apartment is not as cruel as she thought.

Director’s background:

This is her first film as a director. She starred in a shortfilm earlier, The Shooter.
Vigga is 16 years old and lives in Ringsted in Denmark. In her spare time, she records videos and draws. She has always been more interested in being creative than doing schoolwork.

(Nordic 22-26)

Sudden Growth

Denmark | 2018 | Animation | 05:23


Prod: Sine Juhl
Dir: Sine Juhl (22)
DoP: Sine Juhl
Script: Sine Juhl
Cast: Caroline Marie Carlé, Rasmus Bergstrøm Dollerup, Oscar Carlé, Alexander Gudmandsen, Leo Peter Larsen, Marie Kildebæk, Marie Dollerup-Nielsen

It all starts out in an idyllic childhood but then bodies start changing, limps grow rapidly and hairs turn up in the most unexpected places. For some it happens early, while others are left behind. This stop-motion animated short tells the story of going through puberty in a humoristic and honest way.

Director’s Filmography:
Kul (animated short), director, animator, 2018
Vokse Værk (animated short), director, animator, 2018
Sumpdyr (animated short), director, animator, 2018
Den Første Fjer (animated short), director, animator, 2017
Garden of the Living (animated short), director, animator, 2016
Larry(animated short), director, animator, 2016
On the Desktop(animated short), director, animator, 2015
Return of the Penguins (animated short), director, animator, 2014

Director’s background:
Sine Juhl grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark and began making her first stop motion animated films with modelling clay on her kitchen table when she was 13 years old. She has also worked with live action, primarily as a cinematographer, and has attended the youth film school Station Next and went to the European Film College in 2015. Besides animation biology has always been one of her biggest interests and this lead to her making the evolution inspired animation “The First Feather”. She now attends Fatamorgana, a school for art photography in Copenhagen, where she has made her latest animations “Sumpdyr” and “VokseVærk”.

(Nordic 19-21)

Dol. Mol.

Sweden | 2018 | Drama | 06:07

Dol. Mol. V4.00_01_23_20.Still001.jpg

Prod: Niklas Jonasson, Elliot Malmenborg
Dir: Jack Elliot (20)
DoP: Emma Sand
Script: Jack Elliot
Music: Ilska, Emma Sand
Cast: Hugo Thoor, David Ilvéus, Niclas Fransson

A dad and his two sons are traveling down a country road when their relationship and existence is suddenly put to the test. What do you do when someone you love disappears in front of your eyes?

Director’s Filmography:
Trappuppgången 2018

Director’s Background:
Jack Elliot started making skateboarding films with his friends and later went on to work as a freelance web content creator and music video director. He is now studying film in Sweden and continues to experiment with the film medium.