(Nordic 22-26)


Denmark | 2019 | animation | 06:11

Animals (The Animation Workshop, 2019).mp4.00_00_32_00.Still001.jpg

Prod: Michelle Ann Ruescas
Dir: Tue Sanggaard (25)
DoP: Tue Sanggaard
Script: Tue Sanggaard
Music: Thomas Richard Christensen, Christian Schwarz Jensen, Patrick Ryming

Animals is an absurdist contemporary short film following the wild transformation of nine people stuck in a metro.

Director’s Background:
First film
Tue Sanggaard (8 th of May, 1993) is a Danish filmmaker and CG artist. He recently graduated from The Animation Workshop, with his main focus being storytelling, directing and experimental computer graphics.



Macedonia | 2018 | drama | 16:00

Prod: Samir Ljuma
Dir: Hanis Bagashov (19)
DoP: Samir Ljuma
Script: Hanis Bagashov
Music: Zlatko Origjanski
Cast: Marko Ristoski, Tarik Ramadani, Verica Nedeska, Igor Angelov, Veda Spasovic

Angel, quiet and withdrawn boy, goes with his friend Mishko to pick apples, in order to sell them later. But, as the day passes, Angel is increasingly facing the cruelty of Mishko and his own parents.

Directors filmography:
Mishko (2018) - director
When the Day Had No Name (2017) - actor
Faces (2016) - director
Down From Heaven (2015) - actor

Director’s background:
Hanis Bagashov is born in 1999 (19-year-old), in Macedonia. Studies film directing at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Krastyo Sarafov in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has written and directed several short films, including MISHKO and FACES – all independent productions. MISHKO (2018) was selected on the prestigious 24th SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL and 25 other international festivals (in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Malta, Romania, Albania, Turkey, Iran, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, etc). It won several awards, including Audience Award at the 20th YOUKI in Wels, Austria. FACES (2016) was selected on 15+ international festivals and won awards, including Best Documentary & Best Cinematography at Four River Film Festival in Karlovac, Croatia. As an actor, Hanis plays one of the leading roles in the feature film WHEN THE DAY HAD NO NAME (2017) by Teona Strugar Mitevska, a Belgian-Slovenian-French-Macedonian co-production, which premiered at the 67th BERLINALE in Panorama program, and won the Cineuropa Prize 2017 at Festival del Cinema Europeo in Lecce, Italy; as well as in several short films and theater plays, including “Roberto Zucco” directed by Refet Abazi. As a photographer, in December 2017 Hanis had an exhibition of his photographs at the Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje. He has participated as well in 20 collective exhibitions of photographs, including 33rd FIAP Biennial of Black & White Photography in Seoul, South Korea.
Hanis Bagashov is an alumni of SARAJEVO TALENTS 2018 – Directors Summit.

(Nordic 19-21)

Field Trip

Danmark | 2018 | comedy | 13:53


Prod: Mette Mikkelsen
Dir: Malthe Kalbakk Elgaard (21)
DoP: Malthe Kalbakk Elgaard
Script: Malthe Kalbakk Elgaard
Music: Adaptations made by Jeppe Lindskov of "Sun-Kissed" by Scott Holmes and "Winter Mvt 1 Allegro non molto" by John Harrison with the Wichita State University Players.
Cast: Anders Petersen, Søs Sif Thiele, Lucca Duff, Peter Sejer Winther

A family, consisting of a mom (Betina), dad (Michael), son (Vincent) and daughter (Karoline), is on a field trip to Mols (a national park in Denmark) to distance themselves from technology and enjoy each other's company on a beautiful day of fall. The family arrives at their destination and Betina collects all of their mobile phones - defying the usual resistance. With only a picnic basket and a blanket the family embarks upon their journey towards an ideal lunch-spot.

Director’s Filmography:
#VLOG 33 (AN SICH ART) - Director, screenwriter, producer ca. 3 min. - 2019
Ekskursion (New ales, Aarhus Filmværksted) - Director, screenwriter, ca. 14 min. - 2018
Imens (New Tales, Aarhus Filmværksted) - Assistent to director Jakob Mørk, ca. 19 min. - 2018
Echo (Station Next, Aarhus Filmværksted) - Screenwriter, lighting, editor, ca. 9 min. 

- 2018
Vær Beredt (Station Next, Aarhus Filmværksted) - Director, story, ca. 6 min. 
- 2017
Hernsted (Station Next, Aarhus Filmværksted) - DoP, colourgrader, ca. 10 min.

 - 2017
Mellem Toner (Station Next, Aarhus Filmværksted) - Director, story, editor, sound-design, ca. 3 min. - 2016
Collision (independent production) - Director, screenwriter, ca. 7 min. - 2016
Papirklip (Station Next, Aarhus Filmværksted) - Screenwriter, DoP, colourgrader, ca. 7 min. - 2016

Director’s Background:
Malthe Kalbakk Elgaard graduated from filmschool Station Next in Aarhus last summer (2015-2018). On this school Malthe has experienced the different practical aspects of filmmaking and made several short films. He attended high school at Aarhus Katedralskole in the same period as well as a writer-course on “Brobjergskolen” and has developed a local network of young actors, musicians, writers and other filmmakers. A network with which he’s currently developing projects within theater, punk and electronic music, dance, poetry and of course filmmaking. Writing is a profound passion of his and has worked as a gateway to film-production. His films are encounters between interests within philosophy, literature, music and dance. The film Field Trip is his first production after graduating Station Next.



UK | 2018 | animation | 3:47


Prod: Michelle Brand
Dir: Michelle Brand
DoP: Michelle Brand
Script: Michelle Brand
Music: Vincenzo Di Francesco

People come; people go - Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see.
The film explores the idea of how everyone is connected in a way we may not realise. By sharing time, space and movement, we overlap and create a bigger picture.

Directors filmography:
2012 THE WAY TO BLISSFUL HAPPINESS (20 min, anim, stud)
2013 SNAPSHOT (15 min, anim)
2016 A SMALL VOICE (2 min, anim, stud)
2017 NOT THE SAME RIVER. NOT THE SAME MAN. (4 min, anim, stud, graduation) 2018 SYNCHRONICITY (04 min, anim, stud)
2019 SUPERPOSITION (in production, anim, stud, 2nd graduation)

Director’s background:
Michelle Brand is an English-German Animation-Filmmaker, who is currently enjoying her MA Animation course at the Royal College of Arts in London. Before that, she completed a BA in Animation at the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, and since then has been experimenting with animated films that tackle complex, abstract ideas concerning philosophical discussions on time, life, everything and nothing... Taking the viewer and herself on a journey through visualized thought processes, she works with different aesthetic styles, using the medium in a different way every time.

(Nordic <18)


Faroe Islands | 2018 | experimental | 01:28


Prod: Hanna Davidsen
Dir: Hanna Davidsen (18)
DoP: Hanna Davidsen
Script: Hanna Davidsen and Mikkjal Davidsen
Music: "you make me feel worthless" by Mittensさん
Cast: Mikkjal Davidsen

"12" is a poetic short film about a 12-year-old boy. The boy is looking forward to growing up and becoming an adult. He shares his hopes and dreams about the future. But in the end he concludes, that it's cool to be 12-years-old and that he's going to enjoy the present moment just as it is.

Director’s filmography:
Hanna Davidsen has worked as a videojournalist at Røddin, the youth department at Kringvarp Føroya, the public service media in the Faroe Islands. She has created several short mood films at the different events and places which she has documented for Røddin. She has also created a few films where she showcased the fashion style of some girls."12" was made for a 48-hour film competition in November 2018. Hanna and her 12 year old brother, Mikkjal Davidsen, came up with the idea and created the film together.

Director’s background:
Hanna Davidsen is 18 years old (08.07.00) and she lives in the Faroe Islands. She is a very happy and smiling person and is never seen wearing only black clothing from head to toe. Her happy atitude is reflected through her fashion style which is filled with colours! Hanna is going to graduate from Glasir, Tórshavn College this summer. Her favourite subject in school is Film and Media Studies, because the subject nourishes her creativity and allows her to experiement within the film-field. Hanna is the oldest sibling amongst her four younger brothers. She created "12" with Mikkjal, who is the third oldest in the sibling group for a Faroese 48-hour film competition in November 2018 and they won the competition with their film.

(Nordic 22-26)


Sweden | 2019 | Fiction | 14:22


Prod: Fredrik Mickelsson and Tora Bodin
Dir: Truls Svenningsson (24)
DoP: Truls Svenningsson
Script: Truls Svenningsson
Music: Truls Svenningsson
Cast: Rabia Uruc, Sümeyye Uruc, Ayse Uruc, Merve Uruc, Büsra Önge, Ümmü-Gül Önge, Zeineb Dökümcü, Sümeyya Dökümcü

Selma lives with her sisters Yagmur, Hazal and Mira. As a big sister (abla) she takes on the role of the anxious guardian for them. Mira needs to free herself and cannot cope with everything being reviewed and enlarged. So on Selma’s birthday, Mira sneaks away to recycle some cans. About friendship and sisterhood told with humor and warmth.

Director’s Filmography:
Tjärnen Näck (2016) - low budget feature - writer/director/DoP/editor.
Förgät mig ej (2019) - low budget feature - DoP/editor.
Abla (2019) - low budget short - writer/director/DoP/music.

Director’s background:
Truls Svenningsson is 24 years old, lives in Gothenburg but grew up outside Umeå in north Sweden. He started in high school to make movie projects with his friends and it has been a major passion for him ever since. The projects quickly grew in ambitions but not in budgets and therefore resulted in some crazily exhausting feature length productions. Truls learned making films trying to pull off these projects with very little means and it was a good school to take even though the films didn't go so far. In co-production with "Film i Västerbotten", Truls wrote, directed and produced as a 21 year old, his first feature film: "Tjärnen Näck" (2016). 2017 – 2018 Truls worked as a DoP and editor on another low budget feature film: "Förgät mig ej" (2019). "Abla" is Truls first short film.



Australia 2017 animation 7:57

Prod: Jay Jay Jegathesan
Dir: Radheya Jegatheva
DoP: Radheya Jegatheva
Script: Radheya Jegatheva
Music: Radheya Jegatheva
Cast: Jay Jay Jegathesan

A film that explores the relationship between man and technology...told from the perspective of a phone.

Directors filmography:
Variously described as an Animation, an Experimental Film, a Narrative, a Documentary or a Film-Poem depending on who you speak to, this hand drawn animated film is based on the poem 'Seven Billion' written by the film director that won 2 National poetry awards: The Young Australian Writer’s National Award for Poetry, selected out of a field of 30,000 and the Karen W Treanor Poetry Award (Youth).
Journey (2016)
Focus (2018)

Director’s background:
Radheya Jegatheva's films have been selected to 7 Academy Award Qualifying Festivals along with an Australian Academy of Cinema & TV Arts (AACTA) Award nomination, which is Australia's equivalent to the Oscars. Radheya is a Perth based Australian filmmaker born in 1999 in Johor, Malaysia to parents of South Korean and Malaysian ancestry. He is a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts student at Curtin University in Western Australia having completed high school at Perth Modern School.
Radheya's films had won awards in 6 of the worlds 7 continents with the last frontier being breached in July 2018, when one of his films played at Antarctica's Davis Research Station.


La Maturité

France | 2018 | fiction | 17:00


Prod: Jean-guillame Sonnier
Dir: Antoine Flahaut
DoP: Carlos Tapia
Script: Antoine Flahaut
Cast: Ernest Gachet, Achille Laplante-le Brun

End of 60's. Jérôme has failed his High-School leaving exams. His best friend, David, has passed his exams and is getting ready to leave. They spend the day hanging out around their village before to go to a party… Summer is just beginning but their friendship seems doomed to end.

Director’s Background:
Born in 1994 in Montbéliard (France). In 2018, he’s graduate of a Bachelor Cinema, screenwriting specialisation, at the ECAL / Lausanne School of Art.