The farewell

Kyrgyzstan | 2018 | fiction | 15:00

The farewell-Still002.jpg

Prod: Akjol Bekbolotov
Dir: Karash Zhanyshov
DoP: Bekzat Turatbek uulu
Script: Karash Zhanyshov
Cast: Salamat Nurmanbetov, Daniel Kurmanalie

The parents of Aibek after divorce decided to send him to orphanage, where he falls in love with Ainura. Then he decided to confess his love by making handmade heart from the stone. Aibek faces with many challenges on the way of achieving his goal and once unexpected situation turns everything over.

Directors filmography:
‒ Documentary films about the history of Kyrgyz art (cinema, music, fine arts, theater, opera, ballet) - cameraman
‒ Documentary film "Beksultan Jakiev" - assistant cameraman
Film editor.
‒ Full-length feature film " Welcome, Mr. President!"
MEDIA COMPANY "СО" Director of photography.
‒ Full-length feature film "Transfer"
Director of photography, cameraman.
‒ Short documentary film "A drop"
‒ Short feature film "Bakyt"
‒ Short feature film "Snowdrop"
‒ Short documentary film " Border"
‒ Short feature film " Bridge"
‒ Short feature film "Seven"
‒ Short feature film "The farewell"
Operating cameraman. Film.
‒ Full-length feature film "Sayakbai"

Director’s background:

Karash Zhanyshov was born in 1994 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Director and editor in the film studio Aitysh Film. In 2017 he graduated from KYRGYZ-TURKISH MANAS UNIVERSITY, faculty of communications, radio, TV and cinema. He also graduated from the MASTER-CLASS OF ERNEST ABDYZHAPAROV (directing to the cinema).

(Nordic 22-26)


Sweden | 2018 | Drama | 05:30

Prod: Liselotte Persson
Dir: Christian Zetterberg (26)
DoP: Jakob Eliasson, Albin Abrahamsson
Script: Christian Zetterberg
Music: Daniel Granstedt
Cast: Philip Kuub Olsen, Joshua Hayman, Gustav Berghe

A shy boy at a middle-school dance tackles the new concepts of identity, sexuality and love.

Isvaken, (Ongoing) - First feature filmSlowdance, Skoldiscot (2018) - ShortfilmUnder the Stars, Stjärnhimmel (2017) - ShortfilmDilemma (2015) - ShortfilmIgnore the truth, Att blunda för Sanningen (2011) - Shortfilm

Director’s background:
Christian Zetterberg, born 1993, is a director and producer at Gråklippan, a new Swedish production company that makes Children's film. He studied film at fridhems folkhögskola in Skåne, Sweden. Christian started as a child actor at the Swedish Television (SVT) in 2005 as a starring role in "A December Dream," Directed by Thomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In, Tinker tailor soldier spy) He made his directorial debut in 2011, 17 years old with the short "Ignore the truth," A film based on true stories from his own childhood. After this, Christian have made several shorts, including "Under the stars", a film about child sexual abuse that which became very well-known worldwide during 2017. Christian have become known to focus on telling young people's stories about growing up.In 2019, Christian will debut with his first feature film “Isvaken”

(Nordic 22-26)

Focal Point

Sweden | 2018 | drama | 11:27

Focal Point.00_06_09_04.Still001_1.jpg

Prod: Sandra Eriksson
Dir: Jacob Gustin & Philip Coroiu (23)
DoP: Mikael Balakdin
Script: Alexander Vikström
Music: Ola Sandberg
Cast: Tor Hedling, Teo Dellback, Helena Haga, Hugo Emretsson

An accident during a new years eve party on a frozen lake makes Carl relive and reinterpret his life and relationships with his loved ones.

Director’s Filmography:
(2018) - FOCAL POINT
(2017) - Miranda
(2016) - Hembesök

Director’s Background:
Jacob and Philip met at Dalarna University’s film program and quickly began making films together. This is their second effort as a directing duo, showcasing a wide range of their abilities.


War For Keyboard Warriors

China | 2018 | animation | 2:00

War For Keyboard Warriors-Still001.jpg

Dir/prod/script: CAN-ZHAO LAM

The Keyboard Warrior seeks to use the power imbued in his "weapon" to effect death and destruction (in a strictly-metaphorical sense) upon his foes (other virtual identities he has encountered on the internet). In essence, the keyboard (ie. text input ability) allows the keyboard warrior to manifest his true warrior nature in a safe and removed environment, from which no real-life repercussions.

(Nordic <18)

Joulun taikaa
Magic of Christmas

Finland | 2018 | horror | 09:59

Magic of Christmas.00_01_43_18.Still001_1.jpg

Prod: Valve Film school
Dir: Roope Kontio (18)
DoP: Eeli Palokangas
Script: Valve Filmschool 2018
Music: Many, with all the rights.
Cast: Isabella Zitting, Jaakko Leinonen, Joona Rissanen, Mari Grönstrand, Eeli Palokangas, Niilo Vuopala

Documentary group goes to christmas wonderland to film santaclaus and discover his secrets.

Director’s filmography:
Valuable (2017)

(Nordic <18)


Norway | 2019 | Documentary | 08:32


Prod: Madelen Sandbakken Lillestu
Dir: Madelen Sandbakken Lillestu (18)
DoP: Madelen Sandbakken Lillestu
Script: Madelen Sandbakken Lillestu
Music: Secession Studios
Cast: Ove Andre Remme, Aleksandar Savic

Dokumentaren baserer seg på en virkelighetsnær historie om hvordan små avgjørelser kan føre til store konsekvenser. Historien baserer seg på fortellingen om Ove Andre. Ove var kun 9 år gammel da han eksperimenterte med rusmidler for første gang. Her vil du få et sterkt innblikk i hvordan en ung sårbar gutt utviklet rusavhengighet og hvor store konsekvenser dette kan gi et menneske. Ove er også en av få personer som har klart å snu om på livet, og bruker sine personlige erfaringer med å hjelpe andre i lignende situasjoner. I filmen er det rekonstruerte scener fra Ove`s barndom, og klipp av Ove selv.

Director’s background:
Elev ved Nannestad VGS, Medier og kommunikasjon

(Nordic 22-26)

Den Sista Droppen
The Final Drop

Sweden | 2018 | Drama | 10:33

The Final Drop.00_02_37_17.Still001_1.jpg

Prod: Niklas Jonasson och Emma Sand
Dir: Emma Sand (22)
DoP: Niklas Jonasson
Script: Emma Sand och Niklas Jonasson
Music: Vera Ek
Cast: Alma Eliasson Godonou, Fredric Iversen, Daniel Basurto, Klara Jutterdal

As a female bartender at a luxurious bar, Nike is used to get a harsh treatment from the male guests. This night though, the last drop is spilled.

Director’s Filmography:
Den Sista Droppen (2018)
Be Like A Girl (2018)
Just A Walk With My Demons (2018)

Director’s background:
Emma has a background in art and music but is currently studying film at Fridhems Folkhögskola. "Den Sista Droppen" is her third short film.


Open End

Germany | 2018 | documentary | 4:59

OPEN END_01_12_06.Still001.jpg

Prod: Hanno Mertin
Dir: Hanno Mertin (22)
DoP: Hanno Mertin

A grandmother explains to her grandson her view on the past and her wishes for the future, reflecting on death, marriage and life as an old pensioner.

Directors filmography:
A Song to Remember - Short (2016)
The Bookstore - Short Doc (2016)
3-1 - Short (2017)
Desire - Short (2017) - Winner of Special Price at Youth Film Fest Schleswig-Holstein 2018
Käfer - Short (2017)
Blue Eyes with a Hint of Ocean - Short (as DoP, Film directed by Bruno Edelman) (2018) - Winner of Best Cinematography at Filmkraft Festival Aalborg 2018
Open End - Short Doc (2018)

Director’s background:
I am a 22 year-old indipendent filmmaker from Lübeck, Germany, founder of MERTIN MEDIA producing commercials, shorts, music videos and short docs. Currently working on first feature documentary. Self-taught skillset, no official education in filmmaking or similar.

(Nordic 22-26)

Thank you

Norway | 2017 | drama | 18:19

Giitu (1146p).00_04_21_00.Still001.jpg

Prod: Pernille Nilsen
Dir: Olve Aslaksen (24)
DoP: Mauritz Brekke Solberg
Script: Embla Veier Bugge
Music: Eero Kujala
Cast: Ebba Lovise Joks, Nils Reidar Utsi

A woman returns home to her father and childhood home, after being gone for 20 years. Her purpose for the visit is to deliver the message that her fathers former wife has passed away.

Director’s Filmography:
Giitu - 2017 - Short
Delbart - 2018 - Short
Several commercials for TV, social media and other platforms.

Director’s background:
Olve Aslaksen is a young and talented filmmaker from Sandefjord, Norway. He currently lives and works in Oslo. With his Sami roots, he wanted to seek out and tell a story from todays Sami culture. Olve is passionate about telling stories about humans and he’s always focusing on the core of every conflict. With his eye for detail the stories are always told with a really nice frame around it.