This year NUFF will be officially opened by the environmental organization Nature & Youth who is standing for the Friday school-strikes in Tromsø. NUFF wants to point out the right of youth to express themselves and underlines this with the screening of the winner of NUFF-Global in 2007, which was an international short film competition on the topic of “Climate Change”.

Climate change is real and happening now. Greenhouse Gas Emissions have never been higher and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy offers 83 new production licenses on the Norwegian shelf. The climate crisis is real and one of today's most important issues and requires action.

Natur og Ungdom (Nature and Youth) is the largest environmental organization for youth in Norway, with more than 70 local groups working on environmental issues in their region. The best way to work for the environment is to work with local issues, take care of the world's species and by limit the man-made climate problems.

Natur og Ungdom is not only pointing out the challenges but also possible solutions and presses politicians and companies to take responsibility to solving the problems. We believe everyone has to work together to solve the environmental challenges in our world, fight the greatest polluters and stop those who destroy the environment.

If not we, who?
If not now, when?

The Fridge

Czech Republic | Animation | 2007 | 6:42

THE FRIDGE Still001.png

Prod: Martin Hulovec, Jakub Tlapak, Punk Film
Dir: Lucie Stamfestova
Script: Lucie Stamfestova, Pavel Sobek
DoP: Thomas Kriv
Animation: Lucie Stamfestova, Daniela Vasicova, Jan Ott
Music: Jakub Vlachynsk, Jan Krofta, Pavel Sobek, Tamas Kubica

A man forgets to close the door of a fridge. Therefore the micro climax inside changes. Vegetables start sprouting, chickens start hatching out of the eggs. The light bulb is heating. The groceries are getting spoiled and dry. The cans are blowing out; mould is sprawling round the fridge. Grilled chickens are turning into skeletons. The freezer is getting dry. The fridge stops working.

Official opening film:

Nordic 22-26


Norway 2019 Drama 07:15


Prod: Margareta F A Orkan, Rasmus Eilertsen Bergli, Hanna Suni
Dir: Margareta F A Orkan (26)
DoP: Eirik Nikolai Heim
Script: Margareta F A Orkan
Music: Andreas Wangsbro
Cast: Thomas Stene-Johansen, Ida Løken Valkeapää og Mathilde Sofie Henriksen

In a pool after closing hours a life guard meets a customer who refuses to leave. After some persuasion the life guard agrees to give her a few minutes, but to swim isn't the only intention...

Director’s Filmography:
"G" - Short Sci-fi, 2014
"The Factory" - Short Sci-fi, 2017
"Tide" - Short, 2018
"Poolboy" - Short, 2019

Director’s Background:
Margareta is a Swedish-Danish-Norwegian primarily from Tromsø who specializes in science-fiction directing. After spending a year getting a film education she concluding that film school wasn't for her and moved back to Tromsø to utilize the film community there. Since then she made all her films in the North of Norway. She intends to continue creating films in her region and collaborate with other nations with her hometown as her base.